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New job!
I started in a new job in january. Webscape has been split into two seperate companies. Webscape will continue as before, doing web projects and related consulting work, but without the in-house CMS development.

The other company will focus on the software business of the former Webscape, and is called Webnodes. Our product is called Webnodes ASP.Net CMS. We recently launched Webnodes internationally, and response has been very good so far.

We went to Internet World 2010 in London last week, and it was a huge success. Many companies applied for partnership. Of those, we have approved 10 partners so far.
Posted: 06.May.2010

Almost a year
Wow.. It's been almost a year since my last update. Since then I've been very busy at my job at Webscape, the company behind one of the most widely used CMS solutions in Norway.

I also bought an apartment near Lillestrým with my girlfriend in june 2004. After an extensive remodeling, we moved into the new apartment in october... I'm planning to put up some before and after shots in the near future.

At work, I've been doing a lot of different stuff. I've developed some sites from scratch, like www.allkopi.no and www.kan.no. But most of my time has been spent on existing sites or adding modules and functionality to WebX.

In the near future I'm starting a fairly big project using ASP.Net 2.0 Beta 2, where the whole website will be written from scratch. We will also deliver an intranet in this project using WebX.
Posted: 09.Apr.2005

Still alive..
I'm still alive, even though I've been very slow in updating this site. I'm still working at Webscape, and I enjoy working there a lot. We've had a lot to do in the last couple of months, and it doesn't look like the workload will get lighter in the near future. But I'm not complaining.. I like it..
Posted: 28.May.2004

I got a job!
I've haven't updated this page in a while as I've been busy in my new job. I got a job at Webscape AS, a small company developing content management systems. More later!
Posted: 22.Mar.2004

Happy new year!
Happy new year to everyone! I hope this year will be better.. I STILL haven't got a job, so I'm currently filling out forms to register my own company.. I'll probably be done sometime during this week, and then it has to be processed..

I haven't been able to do much on ContentKing during christmas, as I've been working a lot, and the rest of my time was spent with friends and family. But I'll probably get a couple of days off this week, so I hope to be able to upload the Temple Of Technology website in the weekend.

More later!
Posted: 06.Jan.2004